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Betrayed and lied to!

When horse owners fight back.

All over Lower Saxony there are more and more cases of missing horses, which have disappeared through extremely sophisticated and dubious practices in almost unfathomable channels. This dealer ring with widely ramified and opaque structures operates throughout northern Germany and far beyond.

On this page those affected tell their different stories and would like to warn against these machinations and perfidious methods on the basis of their own experiences. Intensive research, in which a large number of helpful people are involved, has already uncovered regional and personnel connections. Perhaps we will succeed in tracing the paths of the horses.


We are concerned with actively dealing with the cases and with clarification. This may be the only way to prevent other horses from coming onto the market as cheap "merchandise" in the future. These businesses are undoubtedly profitable, but the horses are always the ones who suffer. What remains are desperate owners who have usually placed their horses in supposedly caring hands with the best of intentions and in confidence in full-bodied promises.


In the meantime, a well-connected community has emerged, which has declared war on these practices and those responsible for them.


As Johann Kaspar Lavater said: "Search with earnest will - your search will never be in vain!"


We'll keep looking until we know what happened to all those horses. And it's no longer just about the so-called Grasberger horses - it's about the lousy trick with the side horses, dubious traders and very dirty business.

"He who fights can lose. "If you don't fight, you lose."




Yours sincerely


Bea Militia


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