The vanished horses from Lower Saxony

The lousy con with older and sick horses

Coldheaded meets blue-eyed

It all began in November 2017 with a search post on Facebook. A young woman from Berlin was looking for her horse over it, which she has given for health reasons in best intention as an assistant to Lower Saxony. After then further horse owners have reported and joined together, the search for more victims began on the social networks. This created a veritable avalanche over the past few months, as it reported more and more former owners who have given their horses as well in supposedly caring hands. Unfortunately, it soon turned out that all concerned had fallen for a most perfidious and cleverly thought-out scam.


As of today, at least 49 horses from Grasberg / Beverstedt / Loxstedt have disappeared. The unreported number should be much higher.  At least until June 2017, the masterminds actively searched for horses as a shop assistant on all sales portals and offensively contacted owners who had placed corresponding advertisements. Until today you can find these ads on the net - they are titled:
"Nice pensioner task to offer at the lake."


The affected horses were handed over between 2013 and 2017 as a substitute for a former broodmare. All owners have been guaranteed a lifetime lease for the horses. The contact was mostly due to an advertisement of the lady in "Ebay classifieds".  The housing conditions were perfect in the many pre-checks and the telephone and personal contact with the lady and her partner were always very nice and friendly.

Only through the various search messages on "Facebook" was apparent that this lady has been trusted a variety of horses and the suspicion hardened more and more. Information about the whereabouts of most horses was persistently denied by the responsible lady. Some horses were allegedly already deceased, which was repeatedly called the same cause of death: aortic tear or colic. To date, these alleged dead and all other horses have been unsubscribed from the relevant associations.


Our research has also shown that this lady has taken on some days up to three horses, without the respective owners met on the spot. The whole procedure and planning was thus characterized by special sophistication and sophisticated tactics.


This story was particularly explosive in March of this year, because it was researched that at least two horses, which were registered as a "non-slaughter horse" in the equine passport, but went into slaughter. This fact has already been confirmed by the official side of the district of Emsland and is now a case for food inspectors.


Over time, it also turned out that these machinations are also practiced at other locations with similar or comparative methods. In the end, however, these people are always concerned with the same thing: horses are collected as cheaply as possible under false pretenses in order to sell them in a profitable manner. Even by selling at the battle price can still be one or the other Euro - mostly by the treasury over - earn.

 This page should to educate about the lousy business with the side horses. The owners of the horses sought here had to bitterly determine with what criminal energy trust was misused or emergency situations were exploited.


Please spread this page widely, so that these shabby shops to the detriment of horses will find no breeding ground in the future. The judiciary is also intensively dealing with these cases, as dozens of criminal charges have been reimbursed. Civil proceedings were also initiated.

The affected owners will not give up hope and continue searching until the fate of the horses has been clarified. We want to emphasize that we will not take away any horse that has been lawfully acquired. If the horses have indeed found a good home over detours, we just want to know if they are ok.


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Who can provide informations on the whereabouts of the horses?